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Angelica Magaly D.

My name is Magaly, I am from Colombia I am 26 years old.

9300 Queenstown Hill
26 Jahre
Sprache: Englisch, Spanisch

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I have good skills to teach and care for children and enough tolerance for following and helping them with their academic development and homework from school. Always guide them with values of respect, responsibility and love to your families.
I have had enough experience training children since the first years old in care healthy, guide yours home works school and entertainment with activities recreational and didactics than improve your physical motor skills and mind. I like to guide my children always in the sport because they can improve their mentality and their ability to concentrate and additional with the care of a good diet and a bed to sleep 8 complete hours. My best and biggest experience was to support my mother in raising my brother from her first month of life. Always take care of it, support it and orient it today is 8 years old and I could not continue to accompany it because I came to New Zealand to live a New experience with other children from other countries. I love children and I have a connection of energy and love always for them. I will be the best friend for her children, a trusted friend for her family.
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