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Kim T.

Au-pair — Vereinigtes Königreich

Vereinigtes Königreich
40 Jahre
Sprache: Englisch

Details zu Kim

Hi, my name is Kim. I'm 38 ears old. I live in Canterbury. I am a qualified dental nurse of 18 years, and a specialist head and beck maxillo facial in hospital but left to Look after my mum for the past 6 years, as she has a chronic illness and cannot breath and on a Machine so I decided to look after my mum and be her carer. My brother has recently moved in with my mum, so I can go back to work and take a breather after many years so I'm very experienced in caring too now...I'm hoping to become a foster carer in the future when I'm around 48 as I really love children. I currently have a few weekly x2 hour small cleaning jobs I also do gardening, and childminding jobs, one of them is driving an 89 year old lady shopping running errands when needed etc and I enjoy elderly people I like to help them. My clients are nice and fair to me and in return I do a good job. I've been with jobs 4-5 years within this kind of field so I do have references and my certificate of being a professional body still for nhs as I keep up with my nursing registration still. It's a good solid proof to employers! I've no criminal record and I'm a safe and good person to take on I have a recent crb ###########..## qualifications of working in NHS states I'm allowed to work with the public, the vulnerable and children. I'm available for school runs, errands, window cleaning, etc. And am looking forward to getting more busy in the new year with new work and look forward to working and helping people in anyway...Thanks for your time!
Best regards,
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